Administration Division

Welcome to the Administration Division

Vision :- "An optimum and efficient provincial public service for the populace in the North Western province."

Mission :- "Patronizing a leadership to ensure an excellent provincial public service in the NWP, inventing a profound and efficient administrative service to utilize human recourse with supreme attitudes and potentialities"

Head of the Division

Mr. Mahinda Ekanayake


Deputy Chief Secretary (Administration),
Chief Secretary's Office,
North Western Province
01st Floor, NWP Office Complex
Sri Lanka. Tel:+94 372223195 
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Services Rendered by us

Administrative and establishment matters of all the officers engaged in provincial public service.

Transfers of Management Assistants , Development Assistants , programme Assistants , Minor Employees , and Drivers


Recommend recruitments, promotion and retirements of all posts except island wide posts.

Grand approval for recruitments for all the vacancies created after 30.06 2006 and recruitments for the post for which such authority is delegated (Management Services circular 36 and 36/1)


Provide recommendations to the Management service Department on creation of new posts in the provincial public service.

Appointments of officers in the island wide service to provincial public service , their promotions , service extensions , retirements , and provide recommendations on contract basis appointments to the relevant authorities.


Execution of powers delegated on disciplinary matters of the officers in the provincial public service.

Matters relevant to loans of the officers working in the department.


Payment of salaries, and gratuity allowances to the officers working in the department.

Release bonds.


Conduct secretary committee and take actions on the decisions taken.

Grant reparations and leave for accidents.


Grant reparations for assets.

Forward recommendations on acquiring land.


Take actions on public complains and requests.

Coordination between line ministries, departments and Provincial Councils


Take decisions on all fixed and movable assets under provincial council.


Coordination and ensure the achievement of expected targets of all ministries, department and institutes under the provincial council

Provide recommendations on state, administrative and pension circulars to the Hon Governor to apply them in the province.

Matters regarding foreign leave.


Collection of data of the provincial public service on quarterly basis , updating and maintaining provincial data base and collection, processing and presentation of national data on socio economic aspects.

Our Endeavour


Deputy Chief Secretary Admin is responsible for all administrative works of provincial government employees.


Staff Officers

Assistant Chief Secretary I (Admin)

Mr. I.K.M.M.S. Ilangasekara
+94 372231769


Assistant Chief Secretary II (Admin)

Mrs. D.M.N.Subhashini Dissanayake


+94 372222234


Assistant Chief Secretary III (Admin)

Mrs. D.M.N.Subhashini Dissanayake

+94 372231769-71 ex -1155


Administrative Officer I

Mrs. Chandrika Kahandawarachchi


Administrative Officer II

Mrs. H.T.G.P.S. Kumari Tennage