Welcome to the Finance Management Division

Vision :- "A prosperity North Western Province"

Mission :- "Deploy of existing resources in the manner of maximum level on general services provided by the provincial council to the people of North Western Province, through the Guidance, Manipulation, and execution of Budgetary Provisions with Provincial Treasury activities to maintain  an excellent  financial management within  the provincial council"

Head of the Division

Premakumara Sir.jpg

Mr. G.G.C.Premakumara

Deputy Chief Secretary(Finance),
Chief Secretary's Office,

North Western Province
01st Floor, NWP Office Complex
Kurunegala,Sri Lanka.
Tel:+94 372223731
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§ Allocation of  Provincial Investment Programme

§ Progress Summery Report of Provincial Investment Programme

Main Functions of the Division

  • Preparation of annual budget parallel to national policy.

  • Maintaining and updating of North Western Provincial Licence Revenue System.

  • Assisting and guiding of policy formulation and implementation regarding finance development

  • Coordination with finance commission, ministries, departments and other government institutions.

  • Identification, preparation of special projects


Deputy Chief secretary Finance is responsible for all Finance Management works of Provincial Council.

Staff Officers

  • Director (Accounts and Payments)

Mr. P.W.S.K. Wijesinghe


  • Director  (Budgets)

Mr. A.M.S. Adhikari


  • Director  (Finance & Revenue)

Mrs. W.M.R.C. Kumari



  • Accountant